Velocity Marketing Asset Management

VELO Delivers

Discovery, planning, implementation and execution: Our management team uses the VELO process to uncover your pressure points and eliminate them.

The VELO process to managing communications within your organization begins with our discovery of the pressure points you face in gaining control of your marketing assets. Where are your pain points?

Time zappers: Are you or your staff spending too much time managing the procurement and inventory of items that are not related to your core objectives? Do you find that your staff spends time creating multiple variations of the same document?

Control issues: Does the marketing material that your distributor network uses comply with your company brand standards? Does your field sales staff have the proper materials to use in the selling process? Would you like to simplify the process of having satellite stores and offices comply with company signage guidelines?

Obsolescence: Do you annually toss marketing materials because they grow obsolete or are simply not used? Are these materials even addressing the right target markets?

Timing delays: Are new promotions delayed because the correct material struggles to get to the field reps? Do you know how, when and where your marketing material is used in the field?

Inconsistent branding: Is your message being properly communicated and received? Would you like to take advantage of the power of personalized communications with no risk to your design, message and brand standards?

Once we discover your points of pressure, we'll design and plan the scope of the VELO solution, determine the ROI and map out the components for success. The end result is an implemented customized VELO portal that will help you gain control of your marketing assets.

Other benefits of the VELO portal:

  • The self-service, secure VELO portal is available 24/7 giving all users access to materials whether they are located in the corporate office, satellite branch, home office, or in the airport lounge.
  • Marketing and sales budgets are controlled by setting approval workflows and spending limits.
  • Detailed intelligence is gained through usage flows, cost and distribution history resulting in money savings through demand forecasting.
  • Easy integration of co-op programs to help entice the use of branded material to increase marketing exposure.
  • Centralized communication through the portal for large groups increases efficiencies in getting material distributed. Savings in ganged freight and delivery costs are common.
  • User interfaces are available in 11 global languages.
  • Centralized billing and reporting on how users are spending their print dollars helps reduce costs through consolidated invoicing.




  • Time zappers
  • Control issues
  • Obsolescence
  • Timing delays


Map out the project scope and identify VELO components needed to make the program successful.


Determine return on investment made from using the VELO portal.



Identify the assets to be managed.

  • Current location
  • Size, quantity
  • Assets converted to on-demand


Identify and evaluate the needs of the users.

  • Individual access
  • Approval paths
  • Category access


Identify the needs of the managers in control of the system.

  • User management
  • Reporting
  • Status updates
  • Approval paths



Digital and hard assets collected, organized and cataloged.


Design, layout, categorize, HTML web access.


  • User orientation
  • Training
  • User level status reporting

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