Velocity Marketing Asset Management

Cross-Media Marketing

Are you looking to create and manage a personalized marketing campaign? Direct marketing no longer needs to be static!

Consumers responding to print marketing visit the website of the company advertised over 70% of the time. Your challenge is capture their interest and convert them to customers once they arrive. Well-executed, multi-channel marketing campaigns can generate sales lifts near 35% compared to traditional marketing approaches.

Velocity's cross-media marketing solutions increase sales, increase your return on investment, and improve customer service all while decreasing your marketing budget.

Direct marketing no longer needs to be static! 5 easy steps:

  • Step 1: ATTRACT the prospect with personalized mail: Get your prospect's attention with a personalized direct mail piece designed as if it were sent only to that individual prospect. We'll use names, personal facts, graphics and individual connections to make sure your message is heard.
  • Step 2: ENGAGE the prospect through a PURL: Each prospect will be directed to their own, personalized landing page on your website where you can engage them with information and offers tailored specifically for their needs.
  • Step 3: INTERACT with the prospect with enticing offers: Make the engagement or offer attractive enough and the prospect will share all types of information about themselves. Use this opportunity to learn more by using a surveyor consumer preferences questionnaire, or any brief set of questions you'll need to communicate your message and solutions clearly.
  • Step 4: RESPOND to the prospect with immediacy: Your chances of getting a reaction from your prospect increase 100 times if you respond within the first 5 minutes. Prospects will get an immediate automated "Thank You" reply. The lead is then automatically transferred to your sales staff for follow-up. Those prospects who do not respond to your offer will receive a follow-up reminder.
  • Step 5: MEASURE, RECORD and REFINE: Results of your solicitation effort are shown to you in real time. Usage and response reports come directly to you through the dashboard. You will be able to track incoming and outgoing messages allowing you to manage the process. At the same time, you will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your message and make any adjustments if necessary, prior to the launch of the next campaign.

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