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Customized solution for distributor ordering


ECR International is a full service provider of American engineered and manufactured hydronic and forced air products. In many ways, ECR has made it possible for people around the world to enjoy a higher standard of indoor heating and cooling comfort. Our Velocity Account Manager was working with ECR on a series of branded promotional products when he was asked if Velocity would handle ECR's printing and distribution needs. The volume and storage needs of ECR had outpaced the space of their current provider. The ECR distribution network ranged from large technically savvy companies to small enterprises.


Velocity discussed the benefits of consolidating the print and promotional product assets and providing a unique ordering service based on the needs of their various distribution outlets. Velocity provided 3 choices for distributor ordering:

  1. A custom toll free number for ordering direct to a dedicated customer service representative
  2. A direct fax/email ordering option
  3. VELO An online custom branded storefront for direct distributor ordering

VELO offers an online inventory control component as well as centralized billing and reporting for proper forecasting.


Velocity was able to create a custom solution that fit ECR's unique needs. By creating a specialized team within Velocity, ordering efficiency within the distributor network increased dramatically. Consolidation of all the print materials and products within one location increased the efficiency and timeliness of shipping reducing the timeframe to within 24 hours. As an added value, Velocity created a unique ordering program for ECR that integrated available coop programs to entice the use of branded materials for increased marketing exposure. Today, Velocity successfully manages the fulfillment and distribution of over 450 items for ECR.

"The VELO process and primarily the VELO web portal has provided clarity for our process as well as time savings and inventories in real time. We have over 400 print and promotional items. VELO gave us a home base accessible by our partners so we are all on the same page with what is current and what is in stock - in real time. Velocity helped us to consolidate vendors, invoices and co-op billing, very much a one stop shop approach …" - Carolyn Kuzynski, Marketing Executive for ECR

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