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Online storefronts – reports

There are many names associated with online solutions or storefronts. At Velocity we call our platform VELO™ because it covers so much more than a simple order site. I will publish a series of posts to cover some of the options that should be considered for any storefront to get the ultimate control.

A storefront or online order site needs to be built with a beginning, a middle, and an end. The beginning is the login process, the middle is the products and how they will be ordered, and the end is perhaps the most important and also most underutilized part of most sites. The end is the gold, the reports that the site can generate.

inventory and usage report

The goal is to provide useful intelligence that can strengthen your site. We give you access to the reports, but we also provide our own analysis of the statistics. It is from this intelligence that you will discover average inventory turn-time, best order practices, reports of user activity and much more that will give you full control of the process and also let you maximize your budget.

total spent report

As a site matures, the statistics provide important information on trends, reorder points, peak times, top users and hot items. The analytics can often tie your marketing materials directly to your top sellers and also make sure that the latest materials are available in the field.

Online storefronts – the products

There are many names associated with online solutions or storefronts. At Velocity we call our platform VELO™ because it covers so much more than a simple order site. I will publish a series of posts to cover some of the options that should be considered for any storefront to get the ultimate control.

Allowing products to be ordered is only a small piece of the puzzle, controlling the entire process and gathering intelligence that can be used for better control over your marketing assets is powerful and can lead to major savings both in purchasing as well as time.

online storefront with products

The products are easy, right? You add all your marketing materials and voila, let the ordering begin. Not really, the options for the products can be much more in-depth.

First you must start with making the products easy to browse. If you have many different products, you need to make it easy for everyone to find the items they need. This is accomplished in multiple ways:

  1. Categories – maybe you have a category for printed items, promotional products and signage. The categories can provide a quick jump to the items you are looking for.
  2. Item #’s – If each product has a unique item identifier this can be searchable within the storefront and also make sure the latest version is being used.
  3. Products can be a mix of printed items, hard goods and also e-files. This is useful when someone needs a quick file to email or just one for reference.
  4. Customized or versioned products can be added to a storefront and also provide a unique way to protect your branding and also give flexibility. With real-time proofing and on-demand printing customized products can be very cost effective.

The great thing with a good storefront is that if you begin by building a good framework you can easily add products and categories as needed. A good provider should spend lots of time asking questions about how you will be using your site and guide you through the options that are available.

Eye-popping signage

Advertising dollars are getting slimmer and slimmer and the number of different ways to advertise are ever increasing. Attention getting signage remains one of the most eye catching methods to grab attention.

yard signs

Yard Signs – I love seeing yard signs, it’s a fun way to remind people of upcoming activities and advertise events. They’re affordable, easy and extremely effective.

sail banners

Sail Banners – Whether you are a restaurant looking to draw attention, a retailer offering a sale, or an event planner the attention getting outdoor sail banners will do the trick.

vinyl banners

Vinyl Banners – All types of banners for a variety of use. Indoors, outdoors, with grommets, etc. Vinyl banners are cost effective and go anywhere.


Inflatables – Want to really grab some attention to passers-by, inflatables are a can’t miss. Available in lots of different styles and options they will grab the attention of everyone around.

I get no response!

Have you ever sent what you thought was a well-designed mailer, to a trustworthy database and got no, zilch, zero, response? I think everyone that has done mailings is nodding their head right now. So, what’s the answer … is it bad timing, unlucky, or is the meaning deeper? We all get a barrage of pieces via mail and especially e-mail these days and standing out in the crowded mailboxes is increasingly difficult.

First, I will address the e-mail crowd. This morning I came in to the office and the inbox was stuffed with over 225 new e-mails that arrived since I left last night and that doesn’t count the 500+ that were filtered into my junk folder. Standing out via e-mail is incredibly difficult and avoiding the spam filters is very hard. My suggestion is to keep the e-mail personal and it should come from an individual and not from E-mail has become the in thing with the economic downturn since it is far less expensive to send an e-blast than send a mailing. E-response rates are very low and if overdone can actually turn-off a prospect. I think e-communications should be a part of any marketing plan, but e-blasts should be used in conjunction with other media.

The amount of actual mail I receive lately is actually diminishing. Much of this is due to the economy, and companies choosing to cut marketing budgets in these tough times. I agree that companies must tighten the purse strings and scrutinize all decisions closer than ever. If done correctly, mailings should be looked at as a way to build revenue, increase brand strength, and market share, not as an expense to the business. With the new technology and variable data printing, often the answer is to print less, and send out much more targeted mailings. There is no sense blitzing the market with 100,000 postcards if response rates are well below 1%. Instead, examine your top prospects and create personalized mailings that get results. A well ran variable data campaign can increase results 400% over traditional static mailings. With mail boxes becoming a little less crowded a well-designed variable data campaign will get results.

We also have a free Guide to Variable Data Printing.

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