20 some years ago I started in this crazy world of printing and looking back things have changed. Yes, there is new technology, faster presses, better quality, but printing is different. I buy concert tickets and I get a pdf file to print my own, I look at my 401K statement on-line and if I want a hardcopy I print my own, my e-mail box is jammed with spam and my mailbox is not as full as it used to be. Is print dead? No, print is more relevant now than ever. Look at what you print and print what you need. Did you ever try to read a catalog on-line? The great thing about the new world of print is we are no longer overwhelmed with junk and standing out is easier than ever. We can print smaller quantities more efficiently and new technologies allow for printing to be personalized and customized to each consumer’s interest. Many companies have adopted an electronic first mentality and in many cases print can be replaced with electronic, but the real success is companies that have adopted a hybrid of print and electronic that puts relevant information in their client’s hands in the format that best meets their needs. With some of the new on-line storefront options clients can download files or request printed items seamlessly and still assist companies in drastically cutting their print budgets. Print is not dead, but being a printer sure is different. We no longer just receive print jobs, but must understand our customer’s, their business goals, and have plans that help them meet those goals both in electronic and hardcopy formats. In the end we are all trying to satisfy our clients, keep costs down and use technology to our advantage.