In response to Elaine’s post about the value of print, it’s worth noting that not all people under 40 hate print. My daughter Emily actually wrote and presented an essay extolling the virtues of print for her freshman Speech class last year. In her speech she made several arguments against the use of e-readers, including the carbon footprint left behind by various tech devices. I suppose I should also mention that she is working on her Library Science degree.

She’s not the only 20-something who feels that way. In an interview on NPR on January 29th, Facebook Co-Founder and publisher of The New Republic Chris Hughes (29) had this to say about print, “We make money off of print. And in addition to that, I personally love print. I mean, I tend to read on my phone and my iPad, but on the weekends in particular, I love sitting down with a print magazine and going page by page. So, it makes business sense for us, and it also is something that I love. So we’re committed to print for the foreseeable future.”

So, don’t believe all the gloom and doom. There is definitely hope for paper and print. The best part is when you pick up a book or a magazine you know it won’t start going dim or stop working after 3 to 8 hours. No batteries required.

Read the full NPR interview with Chris Hughes.