So you have been tasked with writing another corporate blog. Why not make it the “BBE” best blog ever? Here’s some simple top 9 tips for writing your BBE.

  1. Make it brief – 1000 words or less.
  2. Write in short snip-its of information.
  3. Content should be useful and interesting. Your reader should benefit from the information.
  4. SEO – optimize your blog to be search engine friendly.
  5. Prompt the reader to action – whether it’s to post a comment or direct the reader to another place.
  6. Well written and easy to follow. Proof it! Proof for content, grammar, and ease of reading. Remember, you only have your readers attention for a few short minutes.
  7. Format and image – keep a consisent format to your blog design and add an image if you can. Images can make a great impact but you don’t necessarily need one in every blog.
  8. Name your blog. BBE – best blogs ever have powerful headlines or names. It should be something that’s easily searchable and attracts the readers’ attention.
  9. Have fun with your blogging! Smile while writing it. It shows through your blog.