Velocity Marketing Asset Management

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Gain control

of your communication strategy through a dedicated marketing and automation plan.


that the local sales effort remains consistent with brand standards.


discrepancies by drastically reducing templates and opportunities to make changes.


more business though personalized Cross-Media marketing campaigns.

What we do

We change the way companies think about the creation, organization, storage and distribution of enterprise wide marketing assets (print, promotional products, display marketing, warehousing, distribution and even cross media marketing). We relieve you of the burden of tracking, forecasting and distributing marketing material so you can focus on what you do best ... what will you do with the extra time?

Case Studies

What better way to show you our capabilities and strengths then through real life examples of marketing solutions that we have provided for our customers? In every case, we have helped our customers GAIN CONTROL over the marketing assets for better communication, forecasting and cost savings.

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"Between our account representative and customer service representative, I feel the Velocity team is an extension of our marketing department. We couldn't get our jobs done without their attention to detail, proactive communication and level of service ..."

VELO: "I feel like we have gone from a Volkswagen to a Ferrari ..."

"While our relationship with Velocity and the VELO portal has paid enormous dividends, it always surprises me the time and cost savings associated with forecasting for future purchases and reducing obsolete material. I've stopped worrying about what materials our sales team is using in the field ..."